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Business Card Scanner
All information from business card/ID card will be saved as JPG, EXCEL, outlook format that can be used later.

» Quickly and accurately scans the printed information from business cards.
» Included software helps you use your contact information more efficiently.
» Flexibly exchanges information with other systems.
» No any extra power supply is required. You just need to connect the scanner to your PC / Laptop by a cable given along with the scanner.
Business Card Scanner is a "Must Have" Tool for Chairmen, Managing Directors, Marketing Heads, Purchase Heads, Executives, managers, sales people, purchasing agents, executive assistants, mobile users, small businesses, government agencies and public speakers. Great for business fairs, Exhibition organizer, vendor show booths. Any business where business cards are an essential method of generating leads and conducting business will benefit tremendously from our Business Card Scanner.  
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